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Kids in Preschool

At Be Brave Speech Therapy, Inc. we know that what you want more than anything right now is for your child to start talking, talk with more clarity, say what they want to say without fear of someone laughing at them because they stutter, or make real connections with friends who are not ashamed of them for their unique traits and personalities as an Autistic child. 


More than anything, YOU want your child to always feel loved, be their authentic selves, and "Be Brave Communicators."

For that to happen though you need a speech-language pathologist (SLP) who not only will be compassionate and caring towards your child but will make therapy fun and engaging and make it seem less like “work” and more like “play”. You also want a partner/coach who will guide you and be in your corner as you learn new strategies to help your child’s communication skills at home and in the community. The problem is that you’re not sure where to start and may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the process. You may also be feeling a little guilty for not realizing sooner that your child needs help and you desperately want them to get help sooner rather than later. Perhaps, you’ve already tried speech therapy before and it hasn’t worked. Your child may think it’s fun going there but you’re not seeing the progress that you’ve hoped to see. Furthermore, you sometimes feel like you want to help them more at home but you’re not sure how because no one has taken the time to sit down with you and fully explain all the strategies you could use at home to see faster progress. You feel frustrated and saddened by the fact that you are not seen as an active and the most important player in your child’s communication journey. 

At Be Brave Speech Therapy, Inc., we believe in EVERY caregiver's ability to learn new strategies to support their child so they can find their voice and be heard and understood clearly.

We understand that you have a busy life and speech therapy is just another thing that is added to an already full plate. However, we also know that when you partner with us, you will get the guidance you need and your child will learn to communicate “bravely”. That’s why together, we can have your child reach their full potential. Imagine your child being able to tell you clearly what they want to do for the day without you having to guess. Gone are also the days where they feel ashamed about their stuttering and/or the fact that they're Autistic. Instead they’ll feel empowered to tell others they stutter and/or have Autism and that it’s ok.


Schedule Initial Consultation

In this complimentary phone consultation, we'll discuss

ALL of your child's concerns! You'll get to know more about our practice and we'll determine if we're a good fit for one another and your child. 

So contact us today for your initial free consultation, so you can stop worrying about where to even begin to get help for your child's communication and start seeing your child shine in ways you knew they always could: talking more, laughing and being happy, doing well in school, having friends, and overall being excellent
"Brave Communicators."

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