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  1. You might be thinking, "Does my child have a communication disorder?" Here is information about early identification of speech, language, and hearing disorders by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

  2. Is my child's speech on track? Here is a Developmental Speech Norms chart (by ASHA) displaying typical consonant production for children.

  3. ASHA also provides speech and language activities and ideas for parents to engage in and help their child's communication abilities. 

  4. ASHA's Identify the Signs campaign helps to educate everyone about the red flags of communication disorders. This is viewable in English and Spanish!

  5. Early Childhood Milestones (from the CDC) - ages birth to 5 

  6. provides FREE downloadable worksheets for initial, medial, and final sounds. It also provides activities, stories, and resources for sound development.

  7. Communication Development by ASHA - Kindergarten through 5th grade English & Spanish.


  1. Autism Navigator provides videos and resources for parents, It is connected with the First Words Project at Florida State University to provide online screening for social communication indicators of autism.

  2. First Words Project at Florida State University has social communication growth charts showing milestones for ages 7 months to 24 months. 

  3. Information about Autism from ASHA - it focuses on the variety of characteristics that SLPs can address in therapy.

  4. ASHA also has fantastic information on how SLPs can help children that may have Autism. 

  5. Is your child a gestalt language processor? Check out more information if your child learns language this way and are interested in learning more about Natural Language Acquisition at Meaningful Speech.


  1. The Stuttering Foundation is an amazing organization that brings education to children and adults who stutter as well as their family and friends. 

  2. The National Stuttering Association is also another favorite!

  3. 6 Tips for Speaking with Someone who Stutters is a great short and succinct list that helps family/friends figure out what to do when someone stutters and how they can be a good listener. 

  4. Myths about Stuttering from the National Stuttering Association.

  5. The Stuttering Foundation also has great information about Cluttering. Check it out HERE!

  6. Stuttering Therapy Resources has many useful YouTube videos on strategies and products they offer, some paid and others free! 

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